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Simplistic is as it says. It is a simplistic game in which players must navigate levels and eliminate enemies. The player takes control of one of two mechs, depending on their play style, and proceeds to progress through levels facing harder enemies. The game is about simplicity and curiosity. Enemies will reappear in rooms the player has left and reentered so they must choose wisely on whether or not they want to revert on their path. The game is designed to have a simplistic esthetic, keeping the experience simple. The game as a whole is designed to see how and what the player does when given little to no context in what they are playing.

The basic key features include:

  • Intuitive controls
  • Simplistic UI design
  • Simple combat and exploration

Platform: Windows 7 and later

Pricing: Free to play, no monetary transactions whatsoever

Release Date: 26th June, 2015

Contact Information: wallace-christensen@outlook.com

Simply download the .exe and play

Install instructions

Simply download the .exe and play


Simplistic.exe 2 MB